The Peacemakers' Guild was established in 1976 by Greg Branson and the outstanding trance medium, Maisie Besant, for the purpose of bringing a deeper understanding to spiritual and psychic development and to use these abilities to release karma from the earth and encourage harmony and honesty in public affairs.

The Universe is speeding up and expanding at an increasing rate, and human consciousness is following suit. But true spirituality requires a seeker to become dual natured, to have the ability to reach down into the earth to the same degree as up into the heavens. Also, to flow with the rapidity of human consciousness and balance this precisely with absolute stillness within the heart is an essential skill to be developed.

The Peacemakers have taught these principles to small groups of dedicated seekers for over thirty years, and they now feel that it is time for this vision and understanding to be made available to many more.

We first operated from a large room in a squatted property on Warren Street during the eighties where healing was developed and practised and an array of expert new age speakers were invited to speak in the Sunday seminar series.

In 1981, we obeyed the call to visit the ancient town of Glastonbury in Somerset for the purpose of confronting the karmic energies there so that, in time, a new flowering of spiritual purpose, based in the ancient Celtic energies, could be aroused in the West of England and spread east so that this country could become the source of a new moral purpose in Europe and beyond.

Seven intrepid souls bundled into a van and spent four days visiting many historic sites in the area before we arrived at our destination. The Glastonbury music festival was being held in Pilton, nine miles away and all round the area there were signs, “No Hippies” . As our group passed fairly well as normal people, we were able to do the spiritual work we were guided to do, in the Abbey Ruins, on the Tor and the Chalice Well without interference.

While meditating in the Chalice Well ‘Upper Room’, the occultist, Tudor Pole, who had owned the Well house spoke to us through Maisie and laid out some of the work they in the spirit world were hoping we would do for them over the ensuing decades. It is not so usual for ‘Spiritual people’ to be overtly political and much of our spiritual activism, has been to bring balance into an increasingly ungrounded and selfish commercial world.

We developed innovative methods for heart centred healing, channelling and creative expression. All of our teachings are based on precise principles of balance and grounding. Our tutors include the founder, Greg Branson, who discovered a simple but highly effective way to achieve true Enlightenment that many others seemed to have overlooked.

He worked over the years to unlock his psychic abilities with his mentor, Maisie Besant, which included trance, spirit release, various forms of healing including psychic surgery and an entirely different method of past-life release.

Maisie passed to spirit and Greg now teams regularly with sitar player and trance channel, Robin Baldock, who together give instruction to people wanting to approach this very important work from a non-ego perspective. Today, the Peacemakers work still includes the clearance and rejuvenation of sacred sites – this year is was Bodmin Moor in Cornwall – and the Peacemakers continue to highlight new forms of soul healing which includes bringing our religious and political leaders into a greater alignment with their true purpose in these troubled times.

The ‘Discover your True Ability’ workshops give the full range of teaching and processes necessary to enable participants to open up to their creative, psychic and healing abilities in a very safe and profound manner.