Discover your Channelling Ability

An introductory Weekend with Greg Branson

Channelling occurs when a different level of consciousness is brought through a human mediator. It can be a profound expression of a creative gift, as when Mozart wrote his symphonies but it could just as easily come though a kind word that changes the life of a friend for the better. It is also possible to channel an independent higher consciousness as when ‘The Tibetan’ transmitted an extensive body of teaching through Alice Bailey.

To channel the subtle realms of consciousness requires us to refine our intuition, liberate our imagination, and develop a balanced, sensible attitude to those who approach from the inner worlds. It requires flexibility, and openness to new ideas and the ability to direct precisely focussed thought into constructive avenues of expression. How subtle, how enlightening, how influential this can be is determined by the purity of our motives and how ready we are to discipline our wayward minds. A high degree of self-honesty is required when dealing with any resistance to these forms of higher intelligence coming through us.

This course will address all the areas and issues that will enable students to develop their gifts in a safe and integrated way. Our tutors bring a wealth of experience and integrity to their teaching. It may well be a path of exploration and service that you need to take.


Enlightenment for All – A Residential Workshop

With Greg Branson and Robin Baldock

It seems incredible that the vast majority of people go through life without directly experiencing who they are. We think, we reason, we feel but we do not know. The traditional ZEN Enlightenment process is geared to the needs of the Eastern seeker. For the more impatient Western temperament it has been shown that by fully communicating ourselves to others the direct experience of enlightenment can more easily be attained and more readily assimilated into our daily lives.

This process lasting for three days gives you the best possible chance to attain Self–realisation. It is rigorous and requires 100% effort for 17 hours each day.The time is spent seeking your true self in contemplative communication diads, with meal and exercise breaks in between. An impressive number of direct experiences usually result.

What is important is that it does not require any belief structure to participate, indeed preconceived ideas are a barrier to enlightenment. All you have to do is to be willing to open up to the truth, to experience yourself without all the mental and emotional baggage that you usually carry around with you. The experience is clear, powerful and usually obvious. Indeed many people give a valid answer on the first day, but answers are not the experience, and one may have to go through periods of doubt, despair, anger and fear before the ego lets go and the true self is experienced directly. It is a journey well worth taking and the workshop leaders will fully support you as you plumb the depths on your path of inner discovery.


Inspirational Speaking

With Greg Branson

Until you have found your point of power, your essential self, public presentation will lack incisiveness and conviction, will skate over the surface communicating little of value. So, these workshops are full of practical experience, a search for that elusive quality that is essential for any true communicator.

When you need to speak spontaneously to a group in any situation you must express the enthusiasm, the sincerity, the truth, and at the same time find the appropriate words, the inspired words, passionate words, sensitive words, whatever is needed, without dropping your personal authority. To be completely in command of the situation, you must come from a secure place that cannot be upset by any response or expected response to your words. You will remain in charge and find the appropriate words if you come from your point of inner stillness where nothing is seen as an attack, where nothing is impossible to deal with. Greg will lead you to that point.

Greg Branson began his career in 1958 as an actor and a teacher of drama. Gradually his work expanded to include speech therapy and he has worked extensively with actors and singers to improve their poise and charismatic appeal.

Over the years he has developed the methods that he now makes available to anyone wanting to enhance their public speaking skills, to lawyers, ministers of religion, T.V. presenters and to therapists needing to find the flow of words that will comfort and inform, indeed anyone who needs to communicate with confidence.

Discover your Channelling Ability


We also hold this course twice a year in London.
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Enlightenment for All

The London Residential :

For information and bookings please contact Greg at the Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NS.
0207 713 7120

Inspirational Speaking

The basic workshops are from 10am till 3.15pm on:

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