Maisie Besant – A life of Service

Maisie Besant died in 2007 aged 99. She was probably the most versatile medium in the country. She had a natural gift for conciseness and precision and had been in great demand as a platform medium around the churches for over 50 years. During the 2nd world war, Maisie had received her initial training in a group run by Miss Moyse, the founder of the Greater World church. In her early days, Maisie was a very outspoken critic of shoddy mediumship and what she saw as weird ideas that many in the spiritualist movement held. This did not endear her to everyone and there were some organisations who vowed never to use her, but there were those who trusted her teachings and respected her abilities.

Soon after the war she set up her own sanctuary and it was then that she became aware of the identity of her Egyptian guide. A noted scholar of ancient Egypt came to her development circle and asked the guide for his name. He replied Amenhotep IV, and spoke to the man at length in the old Egyptian language. In those days there wasn′t as much interest in Ancient Egypt as there is today and the name meant nothing to her. It was only later that she learnt that he had been the heretical pharaoh Akhenaten who had thrown out all the old gods and replaced them with the sole deity Aten, Lord of the Sun.

I joined Maisie′s development circle in 1976 when she was already 68, and was introduced to many of her unique gifts. There was none of the generalities that you often get from mediums. She gave detailed information during private sittings, many of which I was able to confirm. Over the years, I was privileged to be able to participate in a range of experiments by her guides in various new forms of spirit contact.

Traditionally, a trance medium′s mind was taken away from the body leaving the guide in charge, but Maisie was a light trance medium, possibly the only one at that time. She was aware of what was taking place through her at all times, but she did not interfere. Indeed there were many occasions when what the guide said contradicted what Maisie had been saying earlier. When presenting philosophy in the churches she kept her eyes open, but the teaching was clearly coming directly from Akhenaten. To be conscious while the guide is speaking requires a very great degree of stillness and obviously an absence of prejudice and firmly held views. Maisie said that this would be the way it would be done in the Aquarian Age, where mediumship needs to be a much more of a collaboration between the worlds, and her attempts to explore and refine her gifts continually fascinated me.

Maisie offered past-life readings when the most important three lives were unfolded in detail, making reference to how each of these impacted on the present life. She was not restricted to one guide, as some were, she could channel many of hers, and also my own. Other mediums had given me mention of three important spirit helpers that I had with me, but I had not told Maisie about them. Then, in one sitting, each one of them came forward separately and introduced himself. The first was Ming who had been a mandarin in China. He described himself in considerable detail and I was stunned. The previous week I had visited the psychic artist, Coral Polge, and she had drawn an oriental guide. The description that Ming gave was exact, the unusual shape of his hat, the colours and so on. He then explained that I had been his brother in that life, and a bit of a black sheep and that he was there to help me develop clairvoyance. I did research the dates and the place he gave, and the events that were happening at the time. It all fitted.

Then came the Egyptian guide, who was to work with me to develop trance and the North American Indian who would be there for the healing. Coral had also drawn these men and the descriptions they gave through Maisie also matched exactly. It was then that the three guides merged and spoke as one.

Over the years a number of eminent people of the past came and spoke to us including Rudolph Steiner and Queen Victoria. It is easy to dismiss this kind of thing as fantasy, some people certainly claim notable figures close to them in order to appear important when these spirits are not there at all. But these were not casual visits. Maisie had been deeply involved in the Steiner organisation over the years, and Steiner explained that she had been sent in to try to arouse the psychic energies in that organisation, because they tended to reject them. He bemoaned, They are only paying attention to what I said then, not to what I am trying to say to them now. The ossification of organisations is so common when new teachings are blocked, and it becomes difficult for new ideas to get in. Indeed, the Spiritualist movement is in danger of not moving with the times.

In a similar vein, Queen Victoria explained that when she went across to the spirit side, and for many decades after, she believed that she must retain the position that she had while on Earth, though quite inappropriate for the world she now found herself in. But she was surrounded by the same people who had been her staff and ladies in waiting, and they too wished for the old order to remain. So, heaven for them, was locked into the past. She came and spoke because she was concerned that the Royal Family was not changing with the times, and there was an impassioned message to be relayed to Prince Charles. Alas, I do not move in his circles, and so the message has not yet been passed on.

Maisie could also channel relations who had passed over, and I had a very evidential sitting with her, early on, when my grand-mother came though. From the first Hello laddie which is what she usually called me, she reminisced on a number of significant events that we had shared over the years, talked about other members of the family she was concerned about, correctly giving their names. It was evidence of a quality that I had been searching for from the time I had entered spiritualism and had never encountered before. Absolutely mind-blowing.

And then my grand-mother attempted to overlay her physical features onto Maisie′s face, not using ectoplasm but by getting the skin to change shape. This it did quite remarkably did, and the guide explained what was happening each step of the way.

Maisie worked to a fixed schedule. On Mondays she did healing, and for a time she had been overshadowed by a Turkish guide who specialised in working with people with back problems by manipulating their bodies. Maisie would hand over to him, and he would swing the patients around, twisting the body into sometimes quite contorted positions. Maisie had no training whatsoever in any form of body therapy, and it could have been very damaging to the patient if these quite sudden movements had got out of hand, but Maisie trusted the guide implicitly and handed over to him.

On Tuesdays she did rescue work, where she sat with her husband, and others and allowed distressed souls who had become trapped within mindsets to speak through her. Abortionists, rapists and bullies were common and the occasional nun. Over there progress is all about flexibility of mind and these women, who had been isolated in their convents, were approached by priests when they passed, and encouraged to stay in their isolation, and now they wanted to escape. We encouraged them to hand reach up to the guides to be taken where they could be helped. This did not usually please the monks greatly.

She was also a very strong exorcist and had a special ability to clear ancient sites of those who were still trapped there. Every year she and a band of us piled into a van and toured round the West Country, visiting many old sites. On one occasion we stopped at the ruins of what had been a nunnery. Maisie described the life that had been led by the nuns, austere, and with a regime that bordered on the cruel. The Abbess ruled with an unbending rigidity. Maise said, I wouldn′t like to have to work out her karma and then realised that she had been that tyrannical abbess.

Much of our clearance work was centred around the Glastonbury area, which is the third-eye chakra of the country, where we confronted a whole range of challenges from wayward spirits trapped in the various sites. There was one black magician from the past who did not want us to dislodge him from his patch. He did not reveal himself at first, but sent in some of his acolytes to distract us. It was then that I understood, that in working to dismantle structures of power and influence that allow some very strong but wayward spirits to have control over others, it is necessary first to get away the ones that they draw on for their power. And this Maisie was able to do until the mastermind was forced to come forward to defend his position. It took over an hour before he succumbed and the team of rescue guides that worked with Maisie were able to step in get that one to a place of healing.

All of these major power centres around the country need to be linked up so that a web of power can criss-cross the country, lifting us up eventually onto a higher range of truth…

The next project that she initiated was the Florette movement class which revitalises the body, mind and soul. This is a set of twelve processes using sound, colour, visualisation and mantra to bring in waves of vitality and to take them to each of the organs, each of the chakras, each of the higher bodies, resulting in a vibrant aura and a healthy constitution.

In her early eighties, Maisie fell ill with bowel cancer. It was inoperable and the guide, speaking through her, assured us though the lives and tests that need to be undertaken are fixed before coming into incarnation, in this case she had decided to take on an extra life, to clear a particularly insidious obstruction, incurred as an influential priest during the Spanish Inquisition. Despite our obvious curiosity, they were unwilling to go into any detail about what happened in that life, but it was clearly deserving of a little karmic pain.

She eventually landed up in hospital on morphine, but she never gave up her faith that she would get through it, which she eventually did. A little later on she announced that she had decided to work on her American Indian killing karma and she started to become very confused in her mind and forgetful. Though she was still very frail, we bundled her off to New York for a week, and by the end of that her spirits, her mental faculties and a great deal of her stamina had returned.

Age continued not to dim her adventurous spirit and in 1991 she encouraged us to set up the Helios School of Healing with an attached clinic to explore the new forms of healing and she became its patron and inspirer. She explained that the traditional ways of spiritual healing are Piscean by nature, lifting the clients up to the healing. But she was very adamant that the new ways required a strong mental focus as a support for the clients healing themselves.

Shortly afterwards, Maisie was inspired to start a Peace Guild where every other Friday we sat and sought to contact ex-leaders who had not always led their people well, but who were now wishing to tread a path of redemption. One of Hitler′s henchmen was the first to come. He assured us that Hitler was fully aware of what he had done and was working to redeem the situation. It was interesting to hear that his greatest opposition to achieving this comes from some of the Jews who perished in the gas ovens being unable to forgive. Stalin also spoke on one occasion, but he was far less repentant. On a more supportive note, Churchill, too, was a frequent visitor to offer advice to the group. But it was the present leaders that were our main focus of concern, trying to get the teachings through to them so that they would open themselves up to less repressive actions.

Maisie continued to give trance lectures and advice, right through to the last few years of her life when she was forced to enter a home. These were mainly on the ways to develop the new forms of mediumship. We published some of these teachings, and are planning more, because they were very valuable as an aid to the healers an mediums of the future. She was totally committed to getting mediumship into the 21st century with new ways and new gifts that could be developed. So, a charity in her name has been set up with a commitment to continue her work and inspiration. And on the day, when we held a circle to dedicate this venture, of course, Maisie came through to thank us for what we are doing and to wish us well.

Greg Branson

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