Heart Centred Healing

In-Depth Training

To become a truly effective healer you must develop the ability to move beyond the limitations of physical existence by achieving balance in the heart and, from there, drawing transformative power down to the etheric level and focusing it into the subtle body of the client.

It is not just about accessing energy which can uplift and harmonise a body, many people can do that, but to reach and release the cause of an illness requires an honesty of purpose and a profound spiritual potency, backed up by a gentle discipline, that will bring maturity to a natural ability

In other words, you cannot heal others deeply, if you haven’t first explored your own inner motivations and capabilities. To become a healer who can really make a difference requires training of the highest order. For over 30 years, our tutors have been providing just that, helping students to challenge their own resistances in order to successfully direct healing rays deep into a condition so that patients can really transform their health and their lives. This is a special talent.

The Curriculum

0207 713 7120



Discover Your Healing Ability

An Introductory Day with Greg Branson & Robin Baldock

Essential training in how to channel Spiritual Presence,
Healing Energies and your Creative Gifts

Sunday 10th March or 19th May 2019

9.45 am to 5.00 pm at The Helios Centre 116 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NS

£50 for the day (concessions available)



Meet the Tutors

Map for Venue


The Healing Clinic

Healing is a non-invasive therapy which focuses on the energetic relationship between people with a healing intent which underlies all holistic healing therapies. Anyone can receive healing, prior understanding is not neccessary and our healers will answer any questions you may have. Healing is an experiental journey however so you will be guided to engage with the experience in a way that is right for you as the proof is in the pudding, as they say..

All members of the public will be seen by a fully qualified healer.
There is no charge for the service although donations are welcome.
This is also a good way to meet some of our tutors and students and find out more about us.
If you wish to receive healing please call us or email to book a time

0207 713 7120


The Tutors

There are three main in-house tutors. All of these have a long and continuing relationship with The Helios Foundation and not only do they bring a wide range of experience and expertise to their involvement, they also work well together as a team.


Greg Branson

As the Charity's founder, Greg has quietly unfolded the activities and holistic healing clinics along very balanced and integrated lines. Consequently, as the need for reliable therapies increases in these stressed times, he has ensured that clients can expect to receive very compassionate treatment when they come to Helios. Greg is not only an effective healer, he has also developed an enlightenment process based in Zen which is appropriate to the Western sensibility and offers this regularly in England, America and Australia.

Robin Baldock

Robin has studied healing since 1994, and as a musician he has developed his own process and techniques for healing with music and channelling creativity. He has worked at the Helios Centre co-facilitating their "healing and meditation" open groups, and after training in tantra with Leora Lightwoman, he went on to co-facilitated workshops with her in Diamond Light Tantra organisation from 2003-2008,also leading men's groups. He also assists Greg Branson in his enlightenment workshops.

Natasha Malik

Natasha has a diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching adults for the past six years. She has an intuitive and sensitive approach to Eastern spiritual practices and blends powerful Tibetan healing exercises and relaxation techniques into her groups. Natasha believes that the healing energy is at work in everything we undertake, and to develop her abilities into full effectiveness. She has explored many kinds of healing and taken instruction from a wide range of eminent teachers. She recently trained as a hypnotherapist in San Francisco specialising in past-life regression and the outworking of karma.

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