Day 1: Focus, Detachment & Release

Devoted to self discovery based on heart orientation, and the principles of balance and extending one’s range out from the stillness achieved. We teach practical techniques of relaxation and meditation, as well as gentle corrective physical exercise and movement. We also emphasise the importance of energy release.

Day 2: Stability, Discovery & Integration

Students now deepen their inner attunement and focus on the subtle inner energy grid, learning how to reach into the source of healing power and link this up to the hands through the chakra system. We expand the theme of Self Healing using simply imagery to achieve a more precise balance and the ability to ground this.

Day 3: Exploring what it means to be a Healer

Here we develop a strong sense of healing presence which is essential for all transformational work. The introduction of a range of more advanced exercises enables students to release the healing flow more effectively and we bring them to where they are ready to link up and extend this healing energy to others.

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