Thoughts on Channelling

Menat through Deborah Aykroyd
(edited and with additional material by Greg Branson)

Throughout history, there have always been mediators between worlds. I prefer the word mediator because ‘channel’ seems to me to be such an empty and impersonal description for what my mediator and I experience when we work together. It is perhaps the most deeply intimate relationship imaginable. Even the word mediator goes no way at all in describing the deep spiritual bond that we share, or the mutual love and respect that flows between us.

Now, she may allow me to take complete control of a communication like she is at the moment, or she may retain her separate awareness and relay what I have to say indirectly, or she may simply refer to me telepathically without the person in front of her ever knowing that I have been consulted. As far as I’m concerned, these are simply different shades of the same thing, but this allowing of another being to take complete control of a transmission is what is usually called channelling these days. However, all that is personal, and not necessarily how others experience it.

There have always been those who have the ability to contact and connect with other dimensions of being. They are able to tap into a non-ordinary level of awareness that enables them to apprehend the traffic that flows between the different worlds. They have had many names, according to the cultural map they find themselves within, cipher, oracle, wise man or woman, shaman, witch, or more recently channel or trance medium.

These maps vary from culture to culture. Someone raised in the Shamanic tradition might talk of power animals and the spirits of the ancestors, someone trained in the Western Esoteric tradition may refer to gate keepers and guardians, and so on. All of these maps are valid and they are all there for one reason, to provide a safe psychological container within which the practitioner may negotiate these inner or esoteric dimensions of being. However, whatever the map they use, their ability is nearly always a perfectly natural and obvious thing. If a contact from another dimension makes its presence felt, it is just as obvious to them as if a person had opened that door and stepped into the room. There is an absolutely clear way of knowing within them and this may vary from individual to individual, but it is always a definite knowing.

It is obvious, but it is impossible to convey to someone to whom it is not obvious, that it is obvious. It simply does not register in their awareness; that ability is not available to them. So it would be like you can see in colour and they can only see in black and white, and you are saying ‘Look, it’s red,’ and they are saying, ‘What is this red? I don’t get it.’ It is not translatable to someone who does not have the same facility, yet when you are with one who does have the same facility, who is wired up in the same way, then that one can say, ‘yes, yes, I feel it too’. So, one of the difficulties of all this is that it can only be affirmed and confirmed by another who is of the same make-up. And the others, who do not have this ability, are always on the outside of it. They may respect it, honour it; and believe it to be authentic, they know that there is truth there, but it is not an experience that they can share; and it is so important to be aware how easy it is to lead people to believe, how easy it is to act, to pretend to be this higher entity, and so, mislead people.

How does one tell the difference between someone who is genuine and someone who is simply labouring under the illusion that they are in contact with other dimensions of being, or between those who are using this whole concept in a manipulative way? Well, it can be difficult and it gets trickier the more evolved they are. Human nature can be very gullible and when we talk about contacting other dimensions of being, many people seem to accept quite bizarre things without question, in much the same way that a magician fools the audience.

There is simply the assumption that other dimensions are automatically bigger, better, higher, more spiritual and therefore peoples’ cognitive and reasoning faculties seem to depart them when they interact with someone who appears to have the ability to contact other worlds. And those listening can get so swept up in the mystique and the glamour that they lose touch with common sense and healthy discernment. Remember, it is discernment that is needed, not judgement.

All talk of superiority or inferiority is nonsense. One of the most erroneous equations that tends to get made is that psychic automatically means spiritually evolved. It is not necessarily so. It is perfectly possible to achieve realisation without ever having had a psychic experience. You may well spend time with incarnate teachers who have achieved enlightenment, but they do not have to be psychic or in contact with beings from other realms. Being spiritual does not necessarily mean being psychic and vice versa. How psychic a person is, is not a measure of their spirituality, their awareness or their consciousness.

The other problem is, that even those who are open to experience the subtle realms can also lose sight of reason and their own common sense and better judgement, and they, too, make this assumption. It is, of course, nonsense.

Other dimensions of being are occupied by exactly the same array of individuals who are walking on the planet Earth. There are the good, the bad and the ugly! There are beings ranging from those of great wisdom, evolution and integrity, to those who are the most despicable manipulators and abusers. So how do we negotiate all of this?

If you have this awareness, if you have this ability, how do you deal with contacts from these other dimensions? Well, you have to use all the same faculties that you use when dealing with incarnate people who come to your front door. You don’t just let anybody in, do you? If it’s someone you are familiar with and you know, you may let them straight in, but if it’s a person you’ve never seen before, claiming to be from the gas board, say, you demand that they prove it, at least that’s if you have your wits about you. And all mediators between worlds have to deal with contacts from other dimensions in exactly the same manner. They must not throw their common sense and critical faculties out of the window just because the one approaching is discarnate.

Now, in these circumstances there can be a lot of egos at play, and much tiresome one-up-man-ship when discussing the level that the communicator is coming from? ‘My guide’s a seventh level being and obviously much superior to your sixth level one’. ‘Well, you’re both unlucky, mine’s a twelfth level, ultra super duper Christed extra terrestrial with a three mile aura and a score of angels in tow’. Glamour is a big problem.

One way you can test this is to know that those who do not come from the reams of light don’t like being challenged, like any imposter, so you will know you are doing exactly the right thing by not letting them over your threshold.

Menat on Menat

The thing is this; any being, whatever their dimension of manifestation, has polarity. The moment anything takes on form, no matter upon how subtle a level, it has polarity. Menat has a shape and a form which you can identify as Menat. Menat has an energetic signature. Therefore I am taking a manifest form, albeit not such a densely manifest form as your own, but it is still manifest. Therefore I have polarity, I have spin, and there is a signature that is Menat. That is how you identify me. That is how you know who I am when I ask if I may come in. So, I am occupying a dimension of manifestation, yet within that I also know myself to be ‘That within which all manifestation arises’. I am That. Menat is That.

I can also tell you quite categorically that you are ‘That within which all manifestation arises’. This unique form that you have, is as unique as it is transient, but in that transient uniqueness you are within ‘That which all manifestation arises’. The only difference is how aware you are of it. Complete awareness of it is called realisation. I realise I am That. This form called Menat, or the form that any of you have is but an outer garment through which That is manifesting a field of awareness.

Realisation is not a state, it is not a level; it is not an experience of bliss. Bliss may arise, but it is a transient thing, it is not That. Bliss arises within That as does sorrow, joy, anger, hatred, as does the whole panoply of experience that this field of awareness, created by each member of humanity, makes available to them. So, Menat realises the ‘I am That within which all of these things arise’. All levels and states may arise within me, the good, the bad and the in-between. I have my benign aspects and my wrathful aspects, the full range that the polarity of form offers me, and I am comfortable with that; I am at peace with that; I am friends with that, therefore all paths, all levels are open to me, it is simply a matter of choice. And I can choose what level or state I wish to occupy according to the reality within which I find myself. Therefore all talk of the value of levels of consciousness is meaningless to me.

All mediators work on a personal level of awareness and can allow themselves to contact different areas of inner consciousness and these mediums attract people who have an affinity with and can relate to what is being accessed and relayed though.

Being a Spiritual Mediator

Now, many individuals who have dedicated their lives to expanding their awareness do find, as they integrate the various aspects of their own being, which is by far the most important piece of work to be done, that extra-sensory capacities do begin to open up within them; but there again this does not necessarily involve direct contact with other dimensions of being. So just because a person has channelling abilities does not mean they are better or superior or have some fast track to some greater knowing. It simply isn’t true.

People can be psychic on many different levels. Each chakra has an extrasensory dimension to it. If you think of the lower chakras, for example, you are including your gut instincts, and these instincts can give you very powerful information, but animals have that too. You have heard stories about animals heading for the high ground way before the duller humans realise anything is going on, because they just know a flood or an earthquake is coming. This is a deep instinctual connection with the hidden dimensions of nature. It is but one level of communion; and a very vital and important one. Some human beings remain very open and wired up in this way, and their gut instincts and hunches are invariably right. They make marvellous detectives and investigative reporters and the like, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve had a spiritual thought or experience in their lives. You don’t have to believe in anything to have those really powerful gut instincts.

Now, individuals operating like that can be very impressive to other people but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are marvellous husbands or spiritual teachers. You can be a complete mess in other areas of your life and yet be very powerful on that instinctual level. Likewise, there are people who are uncannily brilliant readers of other people, very powerful in the brow chakra, the third eye, and they can be great mind readers, but they can also be some of the worst manipulators you’ll ever come across. They may use their ability as a weapon; they may stitch you up with mind games and if you are not thoroughly grounded you can be completely deceived by such an individual and led right up the garden path. We see this with charismatic cult leaders and politicians, of course. So, you need to be aware that these abilities are not necessarily indicators of a persons’ integrity or wisdom.

People can simply become blinded when faced with individuals who are impressive in these ways. An egomaniac who also channels, may be very impressive but, of course, the blinding, flashy stuff is what some people want to hear. These ones are mind readers who are adept at honing in on peoples vulnerabilities and susceptibilities and hooking them in.

No being of integrity and wisdom and true enlightenment is ever interested in hooking people in, quite the opposite in fact. They are interested in liberating those they attract, enabling them to have a direct experience of the fact that they too are ‘That within which all manifestation arises.’

It can be a deeply uncomfortable engagement because they will not be flattering the ego, they will be dismantling it, an altogether different experience. They will not be indulging you by telling you that you are super-special, destined for great things, part of some chosen soul group or elite spiritual clique. Even though your own ego might be desperately fishing for these things, the being of true wisdom will not be indulging that desire. The egomaniac will always indulge these weaknesses and may, indeed, be genuinely channelling a contact from another dimension, but that being will be from a manipulative order of being. The egomaniac will attract those who also have a need to hook others in to feed and gratify their own agenda, so it will spread. It is like attracting like, attracting like, which is why I say don’t get caught up in the glamour of it all.

Caution is needed

In times past, individuals with these abilities were generally trained within quite a strict structure in which their development as a whole individual was attended to, with safeguards in place to guard against the very things I am talking about here. Unfortunately all brakes and stoppers have been taken off in recent times and anyone can now claim ‘I am channelling Simon of the Peleides’! And who is there to say they are not? Who are they answerable to? Who are they accountable to? Nobody. And this is a very serious problem for those who wish to keep the whole area of channelling pure.

If we look, for example, at Buddhism; there is a definite structure and a lineage, and in certain branches of Buddhism, the oracle still has a very important role to play. But these individuals have undergone rigorous training to safeguard against the things I have been talking about, to ensure that they are lightning rods for the truth. They are tested, rigorously tested, and they are contained within a discipline and a framework which ensures that they don’t go off the rails.

The same applies in cultures in which traditional shamanism still exists, those individuals are contained by the culture, by the tribe, and there is a discipline and a structure to which they are accountable.

But within western culture, people are free to claim they are channelling anything they like. You can also go on-line and get ordained as a minister provided you hand over the required fee. You’ve done no training. You have not devoted your life to any kind of internal exploration or personal development but you can buy your ordination, no questions asked, and set yourself up as a shepherd of people’s souls! Likewise, you can set yourself up as a channeller and do the same thing.

This fundamental problem has caused the whole thing to fall into disrepute; people have just not exercised enough care and common-sense. So, it is extremely important that you keep your critical faculties about you as a receiver of my words, just as my mediator, who gave me permission to communicate through her, needs to monitor this transmission on a deep instinctual level. She has a highly sensitive inner radar with which she is sweeping this transmission for the slightest hint of anything that is not within the vibrational field that she knows to be Menat, and should she detect this she would cut this connection and come right back to herself.

So, although at this moment, she has, in a very real sense, given herself over to me, her soul, her heart and indeed her body, she has not given me her power.

This is extremely important and this goes for any relationship with any being upon whatever dimension. You must send away anyone, incarnate or discarnate, who is expecting you to give away your power to them! No being of enlightenment or wisdom expects that, quite the contrary. They want you to take up your own power, find it, be it. My mediator has never given away her power to me, never has done, never will do and I have never asked it or expected it of her.

We come together in a mutual desire to serve. There is no other reason. There is love, there is a deep bond, an agreement. She, like me, knows herself to be ‘That within which all manifestation arises’. So, it is purely a mutual desire to be together, not unlike when two people come together as husband and wife. It is not a need, it is not a dependency, we just want to be together. We are companions on the way, if you like. We enjoy each others company. We come together through a mutual committment around the same goals and objectives. And we know that, by sharing our points of view, sharing each other, sharing our joys and our sorrows and experiencing those deep bonds of love, we feel much more fulfiled, and we are able to work together towards our shared goals more powerfully than by being isolated islands.

This is what beings on other dimensions, who are of a dignified, integrated and wholesome nature, wish to do. They simply wish to come together, in the spirit of love and friendship and mutual support in order for everyone to move towards the same ultimate destination. And the structure of our inter-relatedness is not a pyramid, it’s a circle. The pyramid is old thinking, Piscean thinking. We come together in circles of mutual co-operation and friendship. We share what we know, help each other along the way and birth a transformational note which we are sending out to the whole of humanity and inviting them to come and join us in this place of non-judgemental acceptance of each other’s differences, where no-one is inferior or superior.

You may meet a French person, but though you don’t speak French, you can still find ways to work together, to find a way to understand each other. Because you speak English doesn’t mean you are better or worse, you are just different. It’s simply what it is, end of story. You’re there, I’m here, hello, hello, how can we help each other? That’s all it is! That’s it! In my case, I am simply occupying a different dimension, and from that place it is my joy and delight to join with you in this way. Fortunately, I can draw on the English language and communicate verbally with you, otherwise you would all have to learn sign language.

You cannot dictate who will come into your life, and likewise you cannot dictate what kind of guide you will attract. You just have to take what comes. If you want something different, you will need to assess what is going on behind the scenes there. If you want one of those highest-plane guides to channel through you and he doesn’t actually turn up, you will need to look at your motives, your integrity, your clarity, your sortedness. There are many pitfalls and so any training in this area must be conducted as part of an integrated, balanced and whole developmental process.


The relationship between guide and mediator is always mutual, and where the guide is a little bit manipulative and the medium somewhat passive, this influences what can be channelled through. An individual’s psychic boundaries are only ever as solid as their psychological boundaries. The two things are intimately connected, and inseparable. And psychological maturity requires the really hard work that many individuals think they can simply bypass. But if they do, if they have not attained sufficient grounding and balance, they will be vulnerable to all the pitfalls of which I am speaking. Remember the old mystery schools? Know thyself. That was the single most important thing, and it still is.

If they are not very careful, some psychic people tip over into mental illness. They believe that every thought that comes into their head is coming from another, superior dimension! They are led astray by the stories that their own mind is creating! There are certain kinds of mental imbalance and personality disorder that can give them the illusion that they are contacting beings from another dimension, when they are, in fact, simply a prisoner of their own disordered mind.

It is not always easy to pick, the controlling entity may be very clever and weaving a subtle web of deceit, others talk forcibly with an incredible conviction but, if you are spiritually sensitive, they will stand out clearly as what they are. However, the masses are often taken in! If you look at people like Charles Manson and Jim Jones and Hitler, at the conviction with which they spoke! How could they not have been in touch with some great truth?’ Why were they convincing to so many people? It is because delusion often has an incredible strength behind it.

If you go into the field of channelling with an unbalanced attitude, with the motive that you will get something for yourself, you are likely to go astray. That is not to say that a channeller does not get something out of it as a by-product, but the gifts are honed solely so that you can contact more subtle realities and channel more effectively, and that is a considerable benefit.

The training needed

The psychic gifts are for others only. Psychic development cannot supply the thing in yourself that you think is missing, or add something that you haven’t already got, or solve personal issues of any sort. When you are wrongly motivated, you will always be disappointed!

Channelling is not the way to sort out your personal issues. If you want to become an authentic and credible mediator you must find other ways to address your psychological blocks. And, in any case, you will inevitably come to realise that that which you thought was missing is already there!

It is necessary to get right deep down and totally accepting of where you are. None of you can escape where you are and what you are, and channelling must not be used as a means of escape. Human nature is always looking out for distractions from what really needs to be done. So, those who use channelling as a distraction, as a means of escaping the reality of the here and now, will get into trouble. They may attract a being from a shadow realm who will take advantage of that, some kind of arch manipulator, and they may well end up in just the same kind of co-dependant relationship on the inner dimensions as they have with their fellow beings in the outside world; and where there is co-dependency there is a lack of authenticity and integrity.

Celebrate the differences

Why do not all channelled beings say the same thing, then? Anyone, on any level, can only see what they can see; even those who come from the higher realms of light are limited. Communicators of truth are on different levels and have had quite different experiences to reach where they are; and the personal backgrounds and evolutionary histories of the listeners determine what they are ready to receive. Every one of you on Earth is different, has a different perspective, a different agenda. It would be a boring place if everyone thought the same.

What you tune into depends on the needs of the moment and sometimes you will make contact with what can be considered the lower dimensions, as an act of group service, to deal with very distressed beings stuck in a dimension often called limbo or the lower astral level. They are lost, they don’t know where they are, they need help. If we were to get the misguided idea that they are there to help us, we’d be in trouble! So, you need to understand that sometimes those beings from another dimension want help from your dimension. They want your assistance, but you must treat all beings from other dimensions with exactly the same critical faculties you use with anyone who comes into your life.

From this, you can see that the training for trance mediumship, if it is to be understood and expressed on a profound level, is as rigorous as the training for any subtle creative ability. You can expect the challenges to be faced will be many and varied; sometimes they will test you to the limit; and you may be found wanting. It certainly isn’t an easy career option.