Gilly Wilmot

Gilly Wilmot started out as a teacher of English, dance and drama. In the mid 1980’s, she changed direction to pursue her interest in counselling and healing, and graduated from the College of Healing in 1991.

Subsequently, Gilly became involved in channelling at the Runnings Park Spiritual Centre at Malvern in the UK, and was co-principal of the School of Channeling there from 1994 to 2004. Her quest to gain greater insight into herself and improve her sensitivity to others led Gilly to investigate channelling as a tool. She became intrigued by the idea that channelling might enable her to make creative and intuitive leaps and she soon found she was employing channelling to help her in both her healing and counselling work, and it enabled her to mine new sources of inspiration in dance and drama.

From there, Gilly developed a counselling and healing practice and she also worked for some years as a sensitive and group facilitator, leading workshops on channelling and self-development. She channels a spiritual energy from a higher level of consciousness.

It was then that she moved to Vancouver, following a visit to Mount Shasta in Northern California. This powerful energy centre continues to be a great source of inspiration for her spiritual work. Also, Gilly is enjoying the opportunity to learn more about Native American culture and spirituality while residing in Vancouver.