This website has been set up to give people an understanding of higher consciousness and channelling – the way it works, the way it can be developed, and how it can be twisted for ego ends which, alas is happening so often today.

For the benefit of your understanding, we designate the seventh plane as being God, the ultimate.

The sixth plane is where the Christ energy exists and, within it, groups of spirit energies that have supported and taught through a succession of Earth channels over time, and still do. They could be referred to as archetypal energies.

The fifth plane is where the masters reside, ascended and otherwise.

When we pass from this life most people gravitate to the third or fourth plane depending on their level of evolution.

When in physical bodies, we are on the second plane.

The first plane could be considered to be the Plane of Becoming.

We will be focussing extensively on one particular archetypal spirit group that has overshadowed many important souls over time. They have worked through Earth channels –

  1. in Atlantean times through H-A,
  2. in Egypt through the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten,
  3. in Ancient Greece through Socrates,
  4. in China through Confucius and others.

There are many other such groups of high beings who work collectively on the sixth plane, and each of these has a slightly different slant on the evolutionary process. Another such group was set out in some detail by the Theosophists.