Ivy Northage

One of Britain’s finest Teaching Mediums (10th July 1909 – 31st March 2002)

Ivy NorthageIvy Northage was well known for her teaching abilities, and in England many students of the Ivy Northage School for Mediums went on to be accomplished platform mediums, and a few became effective trance channels in her style. Ivy took no nonsense, Her students were not allowed to get away with vague communication. Proof of survival meant just that, and her students had to keep trying until the recipient could accept the message. Tears were not uncommon. If only teachers today were as uncompromising.

Ivy told one of the ladies attending one of her classes to go to night-school and learn to speak the English Language properly. “As your speech is now, you are of little use to the Spiritualist Movement because you are not projecting the kind of image required.” And, of course, she was right.

Ivy demonstrated clairvoyance and, in her earlier days,Transfiguration , where the features of spirit people were built up over the medium’s face in order to be recognised by their loved ones on Earth. For well over 40 years, Ivy served the churches, and taught at the SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and the College of Psychic Studies. Today, there are many who remember her with affection and respect.

A Psychic Portrait of Chan, drawn by Artist Coral Polge

In his ‘Spiritual development classes’ and private sittings, Ivy’s spirit guide, Chan , steered his students along very precise lines of thought. If you tried to divert him into an irrelevant path, away from the essence of the teaching he was giving, he would gently say “Dear friend, do you really need to know that?” and he would draw you back to what he wanted you to understand.

He gave hundreds of inspirational trance lectures through Ivy’s mediumship over the years and many of these have been published. They remain some of the very best teachings available.

Chan’s teaching demonstrated a practical, sensible, and comprehensive approach to spiritual development and he unfolds it with an uncompromising intellectual rigour that forces the listener to take notice. He always managed to take his audience on a journey that required them to suspend many of their existing beliefs in order to follow his explanations.

Chan’s teachings remain timeless and he makes it crystal clear what is required of his students. In his approach to life, he seeks to lift you above the limitations of earthly existence to open out the glory of the world of light beyond.