Marshall Lever

Marshall Lever had his first ‘other world’ experience as a small boy high in the Rocky Mountains. Caught in a summer rainstorm with his horse and dog, he tried to light a fire for warmth. After repeated failures, he slumped back against a tree, cold and dejected. Suddenly, to his utter amazement the wood burst into flames, and from that day on, Marshall became aware of an unusual inner voice that taught him of nature, perception and the mediumship of the ‘inner way.’

As a young man, Marshall trained as a young Presbyterian seminarian but this did not last because, soon after, he discovered his deep trance abilities when he made contact with a spirit named Chung Fu, who described himself as a student of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.

’The Circle of Inner Truth’ was a channelling group that Lever and his wife, Quinta, set up around the teachings of this spirit guide. And, in 1970, they gave up any home life and spent all of their time travelling and allowing Chung Fu to lecture and counsel people, particularly in London, where they visited regularly. The guide held a weekly closed circle there for a number of years in Holland Park.

Chung Fu taught that humans have immortal spirits that live through many incarnations. The incarnating process continues until the individual identifies with a God-self during a life on Earth. Such an awareness is developed through the practices of affirmative meditation. Chung Fu said that he was mainly drawing people to him who belonged to a specific soul grouping that had been together in many lives, and due to ego had dropped behind in their group evolution. His presence was a challenge to them to lift their consciousness and progress to where they could take on their allotted spiritual role, and his closed circle was carried out according to very strict principles. Marshall also gave health readings at the College of Psychic Studies, similar to those once offered by Edgar Cayce and life readings according to Pythagorean numerology.

In due course, the guide asked his inner circle of students to set up ‘The Forest of Kan’ in California as a modern mystery school and centre of spiritual learning, but insisted that his instructions were to be followed precisely. However, his followers did not take up the very exacting challenges and sacrifices involved and, eventually, the guide abandoned the project and withdrew. The Levers have since moved on to other activities.

The circle continued into the 1980s. The Levers issued a magazine, Our News and Views, from San Francisco. However, more recently, the Levers have moved on to other activities.

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