Tony Neate – A life of Service

Tony NeateOn meeting Tony Neate you could easily mistake him for a much loved country pastor, but it was clear that his unassuming nature masks a man of steely determination. A glance at his biography reveals a lifetime of devoted service to the establishment and furtherance of many important spiritual initiatives. He was a founder of the Cytoplan/Nature′s own group which he determined would produce nutritional supplements to the highest ethical standards. In the early 1979′s he had started a health food business, and in 1975, he became interested in the natural treatment of cancer when his mother died of stomach cancer. He had the good fortune to tour Europe with Dr Alec Forbes, a retired consultant physician and first medical director of the Bristol Cancer help Centre, visiting Dr Hans Moolenburgh in Holland and Dr Hans Nieper in Germany, both specialists in the field. In the early 1980′s, Tony directed a Cancer Help Centre in Cheltenham with Dr John Cosh, and later Chair of the Holistic Council for Cancer.

It was then that he was jolted into realising that there was a great determination in the conventional world to prevent the holistic ways to health that he was trying to promote. The tabloid press found a story to splash across their pages.

Of course, they distorted the truth, but after nursing my dented ego, I felt that probably this was the world trying to tell me something. I had become a bit complacent and perhaps did not always choose my words with sufficient care. Anyway I was forced to resign from various positions I held, in a damage limitation exercise.

It was here that Tony realised that for the time being he would have to restrain his impulse to speak completely openly about his work. I was a sitting duck, he said. Since 1951, he had been working behind the scenes in an area that could easily elicit derision, as a channel for higher teaching. Oh, in my early 20s, I was a total sceptic and scoffed at anything of a spiritual nature, but the enthusiasm of my first wife, Jacki, introduced me to the Ouija board which she used with a group of friends. What utter rubbish, I thought, until one evening when I was persuaded to place my finger on the upturned glass. Wow!

Tony was clearly the main force behind the messages that were spelt out. One evening when he was doing a reading for one of his wife′s friends, he thought he had fallen asleep, and on ‘waking’ found everyone looking at him askance. I had just done my first deep trance! I had no conscious memory of what had been said through me. Following that, I had some incredibly evidential sessions which convinced me that I was very psychic, something I had denied for a long time.

One day in 1956, his group was told to expect ‘a great teacher’. Tony first channelled H-A around Christmas that year. When asked who he was, his answer was, I am what I am, no more, no less. He wished to be judged on the quality of his teaching, not just on a name.

Being an out and out sceptic, I was unsure how to deal with this spiritual teaching; but I resolved to allow him to come through as I was curious about what he was going to say. Remember, I had never read the bible or had any religious teaching. I agreed to go ahead provided I could be re-assured each time that nothing was being said through me was harmful; and I decided that, I would not study any other form of spiritual philosophy, as I felt that if any aspect of what I was studying came through in my channelling, I would be totally disillusioned – and that would be that!

I had come across H-A′s teachings soon after arriving in London in the early 70′s where I had started developing my own gifts at the College of Psychic Studies. Tony was one of the mediums working there. I purchased a set of the booklets of H-A′s teachings but I wasn′t completely sure of them – I couldn′t see what 6th level consciousness and Atlantis had to do with my day to day life, but nevertheless I did try to make contact with him. Tony now admits that these books were brought out be some of the people close to him who tended towards the more sensational aspects of the teachings. I learnt that Tony had moved to Cheltenham a few years earlier, though the The Atlantean Society which Tony had co-founded in 1957 with Murry Hope to promote the H-A teachings was till operative in London. But somehow a connection didn′t happen, and I continued my development with another fine medium, Maisie Besant, instead.

In 1981, under the inspiration of H-A, Tony and his second wife, Ann linked up with three other families and moved to Malvern in Worcestershire to form the Runnings Park Centre for Health and Self Development. The H-A channellings were the spiritual guidance used to run the Centre, in the same way that Eileen Caddy had provided inspirational backing to the work of Findhorn the new age community at Forres in Northern Scotland. But unlike most other mediums Tony did not want to be the sole channel, and over the years there have been many people taught by him who have channelled H-A.

But not everything ran smoothly at Runnings Park, When you receive guidance, the teachings are always geared to gently direct you onto the right path, but if you let strong desire or pre-conceived notions take over, it is very easy to miss the point. No-one from beyond ever taps you on the shoulder and says you are going off course. Sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes, and we made some crucial ones. Whereas Findhorn also went through a period where they lost direction, they came through, but at Runnings Park we were unable to see a way through our dilemmas and after 21 years, the doors were closed. The four families each brought a different aspect of the picture, and we were never able to blend these together and we ultimately ran out of steam. It was then that I noticed a touch of sadness in his eyes. When you put so much time into something it is hard to see it go. But, of course, many people who came to Runnings Park benefited from our work, he added, determined to put an affirmative spin on the events. Tony clearly finds it important to bring in a positive light. Balance is everything in spiritual work. So many people find this difficult to understand, that light and the shadow are both essential parts of the whole and must be kept in harmony, not polarised as you see so often today. The line in the Great Invocation, “Seal the door where evil dwells”, I feel, is a tad bit misguided. It will only break out more destructively in some other form later on.

Tony then reminds me that two organisations that were formed at Runnings Park, the ‘College of Healing’ in 1983 and the ‘School of Channelling’ in 1990 are still operative today. Dianne O′Connell who was in one of the founding families at Runnings Park, administers the healing school, while her then husband David Furlong continues to work with Tony on the channelling side.

I first met Tony at a conference of the Spirit Release Foundation, of which he is currently the Chair. He clearly has some mixed feeling about having to take on the brunt of the work of that organisation, The membership contains some very accomplished practitioners in this most important field, but one of the problems today, is that everyone feels they have to stand out, be in the limelight. In some ways this is inevitable, because the coming Aquarian age is a time of the individual, but the cult of personality is a Piscean trait.

Tony clearly feels that the time of the big religions is over. It is the small groups today that must generate the essential spiritual activity. There it won′t be one medium standing up and giving forth, Everyone in a circle will have psychic gifts which they share, and then the power generated will be far more than the sum of the parts. But, today, you still get all these charismatic speakers who have huge followings, when it is the hard work done out of the limelight by these small groups of workers that is more important in building secure foundations for the new Earth.

Soon after our first meeting, Tony gave me a copy of an early version of his book of teachings, New Dimensions in Healing. It was full of practical and totally new perspectives and would be a must for anyone working in the field. I knew that, here was at last was a new direction for the Helios School of Healing that I had started in London. Existing forms of healing are largely Piscean. He was concerned that as a channelled work it might not get the audience it deserves. There seems to be a set against fully channelled works. When I was commissioned by Judy Piatkus to write Channelling for Everyone I was instructed to keep the H-A quotes to a minimum. She informed me that many conventional bookshops, and the chains are reluctant to take books that are entirely channelled.

And this is so. If you look at some of the successes over the years. Seth Speaks was given from the perspective of the medium, Jane Roberts, and Conversations with God is full of chatty context by Neil Walsh, Surely it is the teaching that matters, not the source, says Tony, clearly perplexed by the somewhat hostile reaction to what he does so convincingly. But, there are so many who give channeling a bad name. There are those who give lots of affirmative encouragement but are very short on content. New Dimensions is full of practical advice and understanding – and there are the others who highlight the sensational, and quite mind-boggling concepts on such matters as parallel realities, intercessions by Archangel Michael and alien invasion which, though they may have some basis in truth, are not particularly useful in this present day material world…

Then he starts to talk enthusiastically about his new book, Secrets of Planet Earth which is full of information and ideas no less astounding. What makes H-A stand out is that he has the ability to blend these more esoteric concepts and information into teachings that are relevant to the life and needs of the recipient. If you don’t do that, he feels, then the reader will be encouraged into a fantasy element, and this is prevalent in so much modern spirituality. While the context and scope in his book are quite grand, the practical teachings that come out of this are simple and understandable. The Christian Church was born out of the life of one very evolved soul, who performed miracles, and who was surrounded by angels, yet it is the individual lives of the adherents that matters, for in small ways everyone can be a miracle worker.

H-A explains in great depth what the church leaders are failing to understand about the teachings of their master and his abilities that they urgently need to re-introduce into their practices if they are to survive. Surely, Jesus, was a medium, yet it was left to the Spiritualist movement to bring forward the abilities that he demonstrated, and the healing, too. There needs to be healers working in every church, not in the charismatic way that is so prevalent in the States, but using a much more profound unifying process. But, as Tony once again stressed, it is mainly the church′s attitude to good and evil that has alienated them from many of those souls who are starting to awaken spiritually, and who are looking for a guilt free way forward, in peace and in harmony.

The guide talks a lot about Glastonbury, where the first Christian Church was built, and King Arthur who lived on the periphery of the Glastonbury zodiac, and whose energies are preparing to re-emerge. And he talks a lot about the Malvern hills, which are the most ancient part of the country. Indeed, he sees it as the crown chakra of the country… We don′t get many people coming here, Tony tells me, which clearly pleases him. I would be awful if it were like Glastonbury which has become so filled with people determined to draw on the energies for themselves, that they would have to be sealed off from further abuse. If you come to Malvern, and you don′t have the right attitude, then the energies here could make you a little unhinged, and there quite a few people who go to Glastonbury who living in something of a fantasy world. Tony is very protective of the Malvern energy, and he tells me that there are many people there working quietly behind the scenes to make the energies there available to the whole country and further afield.

The composer Elgar came from Malvern and there have been many other inspired people from there who have contributed greatly to the upliftment of the area, and indeed the whole country. These places of high inspiration are essential now, but they must be balanced by the base chakra energies that can be found at Findhorn.

At 85, Tony no longer channels H-A and has withdrawn from most public work. He feels that it is sufficient to continue to meditate on the Atlantean energies and send these out to the world to help humanity to lift itself above the greed and conflicts that still hold the planet back, and to arouse a more spiritual approach in our political leaders, not just ideas but backed up by action – and H-A has been teaching since the 80′s about the selfish attitudes that have led to global warming.

Tony′s commitment over the decades has been quite amazing Perhaps it is time to recognise the important ground-breaking work that he did, a work based on his philosophy of humility, unconditional love and balanced understanding to which he has now added the most important concept for our times, ‘freedom’.

We are, each of us, individual and uniquely valuable. I trust I will be able continue to provide assistance to the current efforts by many good souls to lift humanity above the greed and conflicts that still hold the planet back. If I can help them make sense of how and why we have come to be where we are today and what needs to be done to take us safely into the new era, then I will have done my job. I feel privileged to have been chosen to be a channel for such teaching.

Greg Branson